Question: Ever Draw Vehicles?

Can you draw a Vehicle for me, Brenda?  YES!  I rarely say no to a new challenge.

  • One of the first sketches I ever did was a locomotive for the New Hope Valley Railway.  This challenge was overwhelming, as there are very few straight lines.  Moving out of a comfort zone for an artist is good.  Growth is not always easy.  As it stands now, done in 2009, I can say I still love it!
  • Never thought I would get a call to illustrate a truck.  In the case of Wake Falls Marine, their business is mobile.  This truck moves from boat to boat in the area.  This marine service is very specialized and essential to the care of vessels.  The bi-annual service can actually extend the life of a boat.  With some boats as expensive as homes, I too would request the truck to visit the marina and service my boat.  This illustration was used for Holiday cards for their customers.  Two years ago, they called and asked for the truck to have leaves, gently falling on the ground.  The answer was a resounding, YES!
  • Carolina Auto Spa – The uniqueness if owning a car wash is your customer is a vehicle.  After I sketched the car wash the owner said, ‘how about adding an SUV coming out of the wash, sparkling clean.  YES!

What is next?  You tell me.  What vehicle do you want me to draw?  I’m gonna say YES!

Brenda Priest
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