New Construction

Building a new house is a daunting task. I have personal experience with this, as my Husband & I built our home in Holly Springs 12 years ago, on the 15th of September.

We had a small starter home in Cary. It was great but there were all these ‘couldn’ts’ in town, you couldn’t build a garage on this property because it was too close to the easement, you couldn’t cut down a tree without permission, as the HOA had to evaluate if it was deemed necessary and you couldn’t build a shed without getting neighbor’s permissions. It was time to get out of Dodge! We had grown up in the country and loved the trees and space, but yet still wanted all the amenities that a neighborhood offered. The price range for this was be beyond our budget so we looked out farther in the county. We stumbled upon Holly Springs. It was a bedroom community, still within county limits but offered wonderful amenities of a pool, playground, sidewalks and neighbors.  There was also talk of a bypass around the downtown area, as congestion was high.  We were sold when we walked into the sales center of Holly Glen and saw the neighborhood slogan, “Holly Glen, were life is tree-mendous!”

It has been 12 years, and we have had no regrets.  Our property value has escilated tremendously and we adore our street and neighborhood.  The HOA has grown to almost 400 homes.  The attached illustrtion is of a friend from the PTA.  They had lived in another neighborhood and sold that home and chose to build in Little ol’ Holly Glen.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Brenda Priest
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