Meeting with Mayor Sears

We finally met up with the Mayor of Holly Springs, Dick Sears.  Lisa and I made an appointment to see him on Thursday November 6, but if you read in my previous blog, I was down with Strep Throat.  We rescheduled to see him on Thursday November 13.

I have been to town hall a few times, once for delivering an invitation to Mayor Sears, for a PTA function and once for a Girls Scouts’ personal tour with the Mayor.  He is a great leader and talker, always has great stories of his dealings with the growth and people of Holly Springs. His anecdotes are fun to listen to.  I have to admit, we did digress to other topics surrounding the events of the town, but we really don’t often get a sit-down with the Mayor so we took advantage of it!

Back on topic…we told him the story of how Your Door & More came about and how we were so honored to illustrate the Mims house.  We told him of the interesting connection I personally had with the new owners and of how the illustration process takes place (see my next blog!).   We took upwards of 200 digital pictures to avoid the huge magnolia trees and truly capture the small details of the grand old home.  It really was his first choice of historical Holly Springs landmarks because the Mims house is an integral part of the Town Seal.

I was fortunate to carry my camera, he called one of his staffers and asked to snap some pictures of us ‘officially’ delivering the portrait to the Town.  It was a great shot, the Town Seal in the background, the flags in the flanks and little ole’ us in the foreground with grins and hands a-shaking.  I did, at the Mayor’s request forward our press release to the local paper, the Holly Springs Sun.  Hopefully to get some publicity out of it for us and a nice piece about the Mims house too.

He requested the illustration remain in the council chambers until Tuesday when there is a Council Meeting.  He will planned to make a few remarks about it.  Thereafter it will be hung in the conference room.  I can’t wait until I pop in there next month and pay my water bill and take a look-see at our work hanging in Town Hall!!

Brenda Priest & Lisa Drymon

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