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showimage.phpI went to a political event last night. I am not a political person, I usually don’t take a stand on issues but my PR firm MMI Public Relations suggested I attend. I have to admit, I did just because Patty sent me an email invitation. I called another networking friend and off we went, like two lemmings over the edge.

I was pleasantly surprised that the event was being hosted by Carroll & Sheila Ogle. They are longtime residence of Cary and own a beautiful home in historic downtown Cary. I was thrilled when we just drove up, its the beautiful house on Academy Street, across from the Cary Public Library. A lovely National Historic Register, Victorian home, painted pink! I never knew it was a private residence, thought it was a bed and breakfast. We were greeted by the staff at MMI and name tags. Ooh, love the name tags, as I am not so great at names, BONUS!

We climbed the front porch stairs and were thrown back to another era.   Huge windows, high ceilings, crown moulding and wainscot painted white. Oh, heavens!  The main entry was graced with a huge set of stairs that lead up to the private bedrooms.  Off the left was a small sitting room and the right a grand parlor that lead to the main dining room that sat at least 12.  There was a small office off the sitting room that lead to a pantry/laundry room at the back of the house.  The kitchen was adjacent the dining room and was large enough to fit my entire living room.  The kitchen had an eating area that flowed to a sun room and then to the gorgeous landscaped back patio and yard.  It was breathtaking!  I survey each space with a curious caution.  I did not want to seem too nosy but wanted to soak in each detail.

Snap, snap Brenda, get back to why you were here, lets meet Judge Robert C. “Bob” Hunter.  He is officially launching his state-wide campaign for election to the Supreme Court of North Carolina.  I did get a few moments to talk to him and he does have the experience, knowledge and desire to be a Supreme Court Judge.  I was impressed.   http://www.judgebobhunter.org/

I did make some fantastic network connections.  My friend was very impressed that I knew so many people that were there.  I was proud of myself too!  I have done an incredible job of working the crowd in the past year, pat-pat on the back, Brenda.

Well, a dream was fulfilled, I went into the pink house in Academy Street and I met Judge Bob!

Brenda Priest
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