Know, Like & Trust

Those three words are quickly becoming my new mantra for my business growth.  I do business with and depend on those I know, like & trust.

I am taking the 100 Days to Abundance at Team Nimbus, with Bill Davis.  In the process of the class, you learn to look at your relationships as more qualitative rather than quantitative.  Who gives you the most referrals?  Rather than who has the most business cards in their box or the most friends on Facebook, Inside919, Women’s Power Network or LinkedIn?  I am growing my relationships, learning about the people, in a genuine way.  Most likely referrals will grow from that, but people have so much more to offer than referrals; advise, suggestions, mentorship, friendship.

I recently went to an after-hours type networking event.  The emphasis was not on card pushing but…how can I help your business grow.  I did receive a few cards but not been overloaded with email sales pitches.  There is a fine line between building business relationships and accumulating cards.

How do you feel about people that do the hard sale on you?  Personally I am REALLY turned off.  My goal is to grow a friendship, ask questions, let the other person talk and listen to what they say.  Business will naturally come up.  I strive for that balance, how about you?

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More


  1. Absolutely, Brenda. I think sometimes people get so focused on their goal, whether it’s a sale or giving away X number of business cards that they forget about creating relationships. Who knows what possibilities these people miss out on as a result!? That’s why I love the Team Nimbus’ “opportunity model”; I get to always relate with people authentically.

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