Java Divine Winner Completed!

Tangeman 310Sarah T. was the winner of the Java Divine Gallery Opening in September.  She won an 8″ x 10″ Home Portrait.

We made an appointment for a photograph and I was able to meet her and her Husband.  I was quite quick in my work, as I had another appointment to get to.  In my haste, I locked the keys in my car!  I was so irritated with myself and embarrassed to have to knock on their door and ask for help.  Fortunately,  I had left my rear windows open just a bit.  Her Husband was able to, after try and try, slide their child’s toy sword in the window and pop the lock.  It took a good 45 minutes, but it was successful.  Lesson learned for me.  Watch those keys!

The illustration turned out beautiful, Sarah was very glad  she entered the drawing to win!

Brenda Priest
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