I’ve Been Sick


Urg!  I have strep throat (group A streptococcus)

I had a flu shot last Monday and went on a trip to visit family in South Carolina.  I must have come in contact with the virus there or here, who knows?!  I thought it was just a cold or something but it kept getting worse.  I finally went to my doctor.  My left tonsil was swollen and inflamed with gooky strep virus.  I was fortunate to have my husband work from home to keep track of the kids, who are on vacation.

Being on antibotics for 24 hours plus, I am feeling better, but I over did it today, too much talking and my voice is gone.  All day I have been silent, doing charade-like motions with my children and the clerks at Walmart (no food in the house).  Its been kinda fun, like at dinner, the kids had a great time trying to figure out what I was saying.

Mabye we should all talk less and listen more?

Brenda Priest & Lisa Drymon

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