It’s Been a While!

Sorry for the delay in posting work!  Don’t know what I have been doing the last month, but it’s been nearly a month since I have posted.  Well, thinking back, I do know.  In September Jim lost his job unexpectedly.  It threw us for a loop.  Since he was home during the day, I jumped into overdrive mode, and was networking to beat the band.  I also was not sleeping well.  We are well protected in the insurance department but not having insurance for a bit was scary.  Well, basically I freaked out.  So there is my excuse for not posting.

He is working now, he found a job on Craig’s List!  Amazing, the Internet and all.  He is an expert in ColdFusion, a computer programming language, it’s a rarer language and very specialized.  Working for UNC- Medical Center in Chapel Hill on a 5-6 month contract.  He does have a chance to be hired on a full time basis, hopefully in January.  That will get us through the holidays!  We are very blessed to have found something so quick!

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