I won a beautiful basket from Olalah Njenga, marketing guru of the YellowWood Group.  She had a table at the Business Alliance Expo last night at the Cardinal Club.  Guests were encouraged to walk around, talking to each vendor and put a business card in the ‘basket.’  At 8pm, each vendor pulled a card and someone won a prize from that vendor.

I saw many familiar faces, some from Apex Leads Group, some from Coffee & Contacts and some from Women’s Power Networking.   Lots of good information was shared and I also won a basket from Olalah.  Funny, at last week’s Final Friday Forum, I won a book, written by here too,
37 What Were They Thinking Moments In Marketing.  Guess I am to hear her message and take it to heart!

Thanks for all the goodies, I look forward to learning more about marketing!

Brenda Priest
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