I Love a Parade!

Holly Springs has a wonderful hometown-style parade.  I have attend it every year since living in Holly Springs.  A few years ago when my Daughter started Girl Scouts, her Brownies troop was in the parade.  I was overjoyed.  I too was in a parade in my stint in Girl Scouts.  The second year I was a leader and I was able to ride in the truck with the troop.  Last year I just watched.

This year I was in the parade with my Leads Group.  We are a very active group but we are trying to grow.  The leader suggested we walk in the parade to boost our attendance and presence in the community.  I jumped at the chance.  I too am trying to boost my business and presence in the community.  A match made in heaven.  We created a hand out to promote the group.  I proudly passed out my brochure and business cards.

I felt like a million bucks!  It was fun, goofing around with my fellow business owners and seeing the smiling faces.  I did notice a little bump in my website hits.  My husband poo-pooed the idea, saying it was not a great marketing plan – but it was so much fun, who doesn’t like a parade?

Brenda Priest

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