Halle Show

Halle-3halle-2Had an amazing time last night at the Apex opening at the Halle Cultural Arts.  My work was shown at the second Gallery opening of the Western Wake Artists Tour.  I illustrated the Halle itself.  Thought it would be a unique piece to be in the building while looking at the building.

There were so many attendees, at least 100, all streaming in and out.  No pretentious talk, just honest people admiring others work.

I was trying to meet another artist on the tour, Jerry Miller.  He has not attended any of the Tour’s events yet, he is an idol of mine, a pen and ink illustrator, who is very, very well known in the area.  I am not sure he is working in pen & ink any more.  He had two pieces in the show but they were watercolors.  My former employer knows Jerry well and actually set up a lunch at the country club a few months back.  Jerry apparently forgot.  I would love to work under him and learn his skills and business tactics, as pen & ink is a dying skill.

Regardless of the lack of meeting Mr. Miller, I was humbled to be part of this amazing group of artists.

The show will be hanging in the Halle until April 23.  There is the last showing at the Cary Chamber of Commerce on April  16 7-9pm.  The actual Studio Tour is April 17 & 18th at my home and the various other artist’s home’s from 10-5 on Saturday and from noon-5 on Sunday.  Please come down and support me and other local artists.

A special thanks to my husband, Jim and daughter Margaret for coming down and supporting Momma!


Brenda Priest
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