Closing The Door On 2007

We are starting to wrap up this year. It has been a great start of our new venture. We would like to thank all those who have been instrumental in our start.

Our first thanks go to our husbands. They are on the front line every day when we are cranky or frustrated; they offer support and unconditional love. Our children, Abby, Maggie and Ella, we will often have them be quiet while we make one more phone call or just do one final revision on the computer. They are patient and always understand this phrase, “just give me a minute, please.”

To our people at MMI Marketing, Patty has given us the ability to reach so many more people and to freely give of her timeless experience. Kate 1 and Kate 2 are on the forefront with the daily work and endless emails. We look forward to whatever Patty has up her sleeve for 2008.

We are also so blessed to have each other’s friendship, for if it had not been for that, we would have never in business.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Brenda Priest and Lisa Drymon

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