I felt honored a few weeks ago to be called by Diane Donnelly of the Fonville Morisey Realty, Preston Office.  She was preparing a Closing Gift Show for the 50+ agents in her office.  Rather than have us, the sellers of closing gifts come to their meetings individually, we came as a group, the agents could one-stop shop us.  It was great!  I was also able to meet my competition.  Not really competition but what else is out there for agents to select from.  (3 years ago, I illustrated the former Mayor of Cary’s home for a closing gift for Diane.)

The range of choices out there is staggering!  Gourmet chocolate, hand painted houses on ornaments, glass block decorations, a personalized eating tour of the area and me.  Some agents are accustomed to giving the same type of gift.  That agent is my kinda’ client!  Seriously, some just love the simplicity of pen & ink, others don’t.

Whatever the closing gift for a home sale, it says volumes about the relationship.  I hope the relationship is in need of pen & ink from Your Door & More!

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More

p.s.  I also was introduced to and featured on Active Rain, a Realtor website,  I joined 205,783 professionals on the world’s largest real estate network — free.

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