Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is such a wonderful time to give and receive gifts.  I often think for months and months for the perfect gift.  When my kids were younger, it was so easy, I could just pick something up and they would love it.  As my own are 12 and 8, it’s harder and harder.  I have both girls so I can relate to what they are into.  For boys, I would be clueless!

Two friends of mine, thought my banners would be great gifts for their sons.  Laurie bought the New England Patriot – Gillette Stadium and Erica bought the Green Bay Packer – Lambeau Field.  They wrapped them up and gave for Christmas morning.  I had actually hand-signed Laurie’s banner, I have known her son since he was a baby.  The boys were both very excited to have their favorite team banner for display in their preteen man caves.

Thus far, I have completed 11 banners, and 8 of them are on the market now!  Think Christmas gifts and more!

Brenda Priest
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