Cary Leads Group Presentation

I am a member of the Cary Leads Group and have been for 8 months or so.  After a few months of regular attendance, it’s suggested that you do a 10 minute presentation to the group.  This way, the entire group gets a chance to meet you and understand what you do.  I signed up for December 16th.  It was not the optimal time, as  it’s still a busy time for me.  Alas, there was a slushy snow that fell and the meeting was canceled.  Actually, I was glad, as I was not prepared.  January came and I thought, OK, now I am not as busy and signed up.

Last week I presented.  I wanted to create a unique presentation.  I am the only artist in the group and wanted something memorable.  I created a PowerPoint presentation.  Felt so professional with my laptop preso, wireless remote and laser pointer!  The 10 minutes flew by and presto, I was done!

Guess it went well, I was hit with barrage of compliments.  Made me feel so proud, as I am not a business person, by trade, but an artist.  The people in that room and rooms like them are my mentors.  They are formally trained business leaders.  I think I need to stop saying that!

A wonderful comment by a personal friend and magician,

Wayne Anderson One of the best presentations at a leads group I have ever seen. Thank you Brenda. I love you and I love your work. Just wonderful!

Brenda Priest
Your Door & More


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