Buy Local!

Pat Howlett and Martin Brossman of Inside919 have been touting this mantra for a long time, BUY LOCAL. Just yesterday, at the Final Friday Forum, Pat made it clear how it all works.

Pat was the Mayor of a small town in Colorado. He gave a demonstration on how local money was spent and how it passes through the town 7 times. He compared a small town to the members of Inside919. We are a small town of 4,000. We are all in the geographic are of area code 919. If we can spend our money with other business owners in the Inside919 town, we all benefit!

A fisherman pulls a great haul. He sells the fish at the market. He goes to the local pub and buys beers for his friends. The pub owner then buys a new dress for his wife at the local store. The store owner then upgrades his website. The website designer…and so on and so on.

Another comment they made is that the economy will only improve from the bottom up in a formula like this one. We should not expect the US Government to get us out of this situation, it is our responsibility to help where we can.

I am off to the Holly Springs Farmers Market to buy some fresh fruit and veggies from my local farmers, bringing money into my town. I prefer to do this rather thank go to Harris Teeter or Food Lion to buy them…keep local!

Brenda Priest
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(I do apologize to Pat if your example is not exactly as you stated.)


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