Business Cards and CRM

Business cards clog your desk, briefcase and my purse.  I collect business cards from all locations and people I talk to.  What do you do with them?

For a long time, I wrote notes on them in pencil and kept them on my desk.  After they became scattered, I rubber banded them with a tag of where I met the person.  Then I have stacks and stacks of them from the various events.  They became unmanageable.

In my 100 Days to Abundance class, I was introduced to the concept of CRM or Customer/Client Relation Manager.  Wow!  A place for all this paper that I can keep and access with ease!  I hired out a Virtual Assistant to enter the data into my software and bammer, now I don’t have to keep track of all those pieces of paper!  I found Highrise was the FREE product for my use.

Just read a LifeHacker blog post on using your Smart Phone and Google Goggles, a free app to upload directly into software.  AMAZING!

How do you plan on storing those cards for future reference?

Brenda Priest
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