Beech Wood & Stainless Steel, Please

IMG_01360084433_PE211092_S423606_PE108365_S4IMG_0135I have been working for a number of years in a hodge-podge of furniture in my Studio.  After working like this I have developed some pain issues in my arms and shoulders.  I sought medical and holistic advice, the nuts and bolts of it is, you need a new workstation, one for computer usage and one for illustration.

This is a major investment in my business and in me.  I did not want something set and standard.  I love contemporary and flexible pieces.  Looking around I found nothing local that fit my ideal or my budget.  I have always been a big fan of IKEA, but alas, they built one in Charlotte NC.  I had been down to Charlotte a number of months ago with the kids on a get-away weekend and thought, this is what I need!  We had my sister stay with the kids and the animals and headed down last weekend.  I wanted furniture that was easy to assemble, clean lines and flexible.  No cherry credenzas with brass for me, beech wood and stainless steel, please.

The store is nearly 5,000 square feet, has a restaurant and a warehouse attached!  It was wonderful.  My husband and I wandered through, just exploring all the cozy vignettes set up to demonstrate all the things they sell.  We went to our hotel for the night.  On Sunday we woke early to get a prime parking space and started shopping.  The first trip was for the miscellaneous things we needed, a new lamp for the living room, cable management system, some pot holders,  new kitchen rug and more.  We lugged those purchases out to the van and headed in for the second trip.  We focused on a bookcase for the dining room.  Our personal library has grown over the years and the old press board cheapo has seen its better day.  We chose the Billy with glass doors.  Those were put in the van too.  We ate lunch in the cafeteria, oooh the Swedish meatballs and lingonberry preserves with mashed potatoes, yummy!  The last trip, my dogs were barking, even in my Sketchers, was for the desking system.  I chose a corner tabletop with two extensions on the side.  I now fill the room.  A rolling file cabinet with pencil drawer and a file/storage unit on the other wall with a garage door storage and glass doors.

We stuffed all that into the van and drove home carefully, the weight was unbelievable.  Heavy stuff!  Jim has worked for 4 nights now assembling all the stuff.  This weekend, with our snowy forecast, I hope he will finish up the book case and the upper glass storage area.  I am now open for business!  My monitor sits atop the monitor stand, at the correct height for optimum viewing.  My elbows, legs and knees are at a 90-degree angle.

Bring on the work!

Brenda Priest
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