Artists For Animals

Please join us at the Second Annual Artists for Animals Faire.artists for animals 192 aaf2 aaf1

Location: Cloer Family Vineyards, 8624 Castleberry Road, Apex NC 27523 – Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013

Once again the Apex Arts Council (AAC) will hold our Artists for Animals Faire™ this spring. Last year well over one-hundred artists and almost five-hundred visitors enjoyed the previous edition of this spectacular art event and this year we hope to increase even that number. Additionally, as we did last year, half of the proceeds from the event will be donated by the AAC to three (yet to be named) animal rescue groups.

Simply having a bunch of painters is the usual way a show generally like this is done, but we intend to go further. We will have painters selling their work, but we are also planning venues for photographers, sculptors, poets, musicians, authors, dance, independent film, and perhaps even theater. The idea is to give anyone attending the event the chance to be exposed to as many art forms as possible. The event will be held at the Cloer Family Vineyards (www.CloerFamilyVineyards.com) in Apex, so we will also have the option of sampling the art of the vintner that day.

Now, how could we hold an event like this without some non-human animals attending as well? Cloer has three pet beef cattle (Buttercup, Daisy, and M&M), a small flock of pet sheep, and some chickens on the property already, and we are now arranging for horses (including some miniatures), cats and dogs (at an adoption event within our larger event), and perhaps rabbits, ferrets, goats, turtles, geckos, and whatever to be with us. Carolina Tiger Rescue is expected to be there as well, and while they will not have a tiger with them, they will bring a tiger transport trailer to show visitors how that is done, and their volunteers will do tiger face-painting with some in tiger and lion costumes!