Ambassador Presbyterian Church

Amb-PresbyI was contacted by the Pastor of Ambassador Presbyterian Church. They had recently build their first worship hall in Apex. They wanted to thank the building committee with an illustration of their hard work in the building.

I stopped by to photograph. I was so pleased that the building was brick. Brick has such warmth and character. There were small details of the corner blocks, jack arches and the headers. I met with Cathy, the Pastor’s wife. She had lived in a historic home growing up and had a pen & ink illustration of the home. She knew the value of remembering where you come from and personally loved pen & ink.

They occupied the facility at the end of March, with a grand opening of 18. I embarked on my illustration journey.  While illustrating all the brick, I was thinking of all the church member that contributed time and energy to their faith.  Each brick represents a unit of faith.  How many bricks are in this building?  Its amazing that faith can bring about such a space of worship.

I was so proud to be selected to illustrate for this wonderful community.

Brenda Priest
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A recipient of an illustration

A recipient of an illustration

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