Extendable Photography Pole

The funny thing about photographing homes, Lisa and I have been known to stand precariously on her van or my husband’s truck bed.

We needed a tool, as houses are often have overgrown shrubbery and trees, you can’t see it all!  Frustrating if you are trying to illustrate it!  Backing up just adds more trees!  I sometimes can’t not get high enough to see what was going on.

My ingenous husband was able to rig an extendable pole so I could take pictures with my digital camera on the auto-timer.  It is quite a sight, me – holding my giant 20 foot extendable pole, counting the seconds until the next frame.  It really does the job!  He made it out of a palm leaf-cutter from my late Father-in-law.  He would have been proud of his son’s creation and my usage of such an obscure item.

Brenda Priest & Lisa Drymon

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