Your Door & More Supports Local PTA

In interest of supporting my children’s elementary school, we have decided to advertise in our PTA school student directory.  It was a very small donation but all monies collected defray the cost of the printing, so it does not cost the PTA any money to print.  Therefore all the money raised by the PTA can be used for the “extras” the county does not supply.

If you can’t tell from the above explanation, I am a huge supporter of my PTA.  PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association, two groups working together for the betterment of education.  Both my children attend the same school and I have been involved as a board member and executive committee member for five years now.  I have spent many an-hour working hard to solicit businesses, running copies, sending emails and typing meeting minutes.  All in the effort to make the teaching process easier for the teachers – so they have all the materails and support they need.  They are faced with so many challenges as well as teaching the childen.  I cannot thank them enough!

In this small way Your Door & More can support and give those tireless teachers and staff members a high-five.

Brenda Priest & Lisa Drymon

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