A Business, On Vacation

I am on vacation in Connecticut.  Up here on a getaway visiting a college friend for a long holiday vacation of R & R and escape of my small world.  In the process, I am staying in Bridgeport, CT.  My host, Angela is very much a city girl.  I used to be a city girl now I am definitely more suburban.  The weather is so cool and mild compared to NC.  Right now, it’s 75 degrees, no humidity and a constant breeze.  Perfect for being outside, throwing open the blinds and windows, letting that hit you.  The party line for the city is NO, you don’t open your blinds, as then you will let the neighbors see what you have.  WHAT?  CLOSE THE BLINDS, NO OPEN WINDOWS?  Not sure I can live like that for long term.  Angela was on a conference call in the other room and I had some calls to make myself

So I opened up the front vertical blind and found a great bay window.  She came out of the other room and her eyes blinked and she said, “Sun!”  Funny, to me, it’s natural to have blinds and windows open, for Angela, not so much.

I sit in the back yard, this tiny 45×30 foot back yard, under the beautiful tree, typing on my little Netbook.  The wind is gently blowing; the leaves above my head rustle gently.  There is chirping nearby, think I just got a mosquito nibbling on my ankle.  The sounds and sensations are the same as they are in NC; it’s just so much less humid.  The sun is hot, but not unbearable.  Guess I am used to the heat and humidity more.

Just ate some leftovers for lunch.  I typically don’t reheat them, think I am just lazy, though, how quick and simple is a microwave?  So cold chicken cacciatore and veggies for me.  An apple juice sprinter and done.  Sitting at the table,  with the blinds closed, I say, “brr, think I am headed outside to warm up.”  Yes, it was my option to eat cold food.  I just need to feel the outside atmospheric elements on my body.  My senses are a sponge.  The 12+ years of being a parent, making sure I accounted for my 30 minutes of outside activity has become ingrained in my brain.  The old adage of get outside, it’s good for you, a daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air cures all, and I am starting to believe it!  Don’t ‘think that an extended stay in the Northwest United States is in the future for me.  Give me a plain old July 1st in Connecticut, and I am happy!

The beauty of being owner of a micro-business is I can bring this little piece of technology outside and blog.  I could use the old fashioned way of taking pen/pencil to paper but using the Netbook is much cooler looking!

Brenda Priest
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