2010 Transportation Breakfast

TransportationI attended the 2010 Transportation Breakfast this morning in Research Triangle Park. This is part of the Regional Transportation Alliance with hundreds of business leaders and over 20 local Chamber’s of Commerce from the Wake, Durham and Orange Counties.  They are looking at the overall mobility issues effecting the area.  With record growth predicted for the Research Triangle Park over the next 20 years, the existing transit and commute times in the area to maximize the attractiveness and growth.

Some suggest that simply adding lanes to the highways will decrease traffic congestion, but this is a much broader topic than car traffic.  There is legislation to enact, funding to secure, land to be purchased, roads to be built and other methods of transit explored.  Even issues at the the RDU airport have to be studied.  There are three counties that are in the RTP, Durham is the keystone, with Orange and Wake on the flanks.  Who will run organize, manage and run a Transportation Alliance?  All these questions, and many more are being explored through the volunteer efforts of this alliance.

I am so glad I live in such a progressive town, county, area, state, country and world.  There are many other towns that choose to be left behind in this race for growth.  Happy to say we are not!

I was a first time attendee to this group, there is much to do.  Look at www.LetsGetMoving.org for more information than I am capable of digesting or understanding, but you have to start somewhere!

Brenda Priest
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