My work recently went to AFRICA!

A few months ago I met Andy Hamilton of Edward Jones.  Andy is in the Navy Reserves.  He has a good friend, Ron Mosely.  Ron is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy Reserve. He works as a International Space Station simulations engineer for United Space Alliance in Houston TX. He was recalled to active duty approximately a year ago to support the US Africa Command in the Horn of Africa.

Andy shared the last few months of active duty is hard.  I offered to share a bit of home with Ron, so far-far away from his family.  Andy contacted Ron’s wife and we started the surprise!  Andy emailed Ron the sketch, he was overjoyed to be coming back to the United States, to his own Home Sweet Home!

Brenda Priest
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  1. John Batty says

    What a wonderful wayto help support our troops.

    Hats off to you

  2. Gale Salvini says

    Terrific idea and the sketch is beautiful!
    You are so gifted and giving.

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