Off To Philadelphia

I took a few days off from Your Door & More and from being a Mom to visit a friend who was attending a conference in Philadelphia, PA.

My college friend from Connecticut, Angela attends many conferences across the US.  I have had the good fortune to attend the latest conference with her in Philly.  I few up on Thursday, November 20 and returned today, Monday November 24.  I had a great time being Brenda, getting out on my own, away from the family, pets, email and work.  I do love all of the above but its been quite some time since I had done this.  Angela and I have also done New Orleans 6 years ago.  It was as good a time now as it was then.

Angela’s conference ran from Thursday morning to Saturday noon.  I had lots of time to wander and explore the city on my own.  I took a tour trolley and ventured out.  I visited the art museum, Love Park, the Comcast Center, tried Chinatown’s famous “bubble tea,” and found a real italian bakery in Reading Market for a canoli and pignoli cookies.  Together we visited the Liberty Bell, the Ben Franklin Institute, the Franklin Underground Museum, the Freedom Museum, the Philosophical Society, Carpenter’s Museum, Indepencance Hall and walked miles and miles around in circles.  Ang has the challenge of being a vegetarian.  It was a bit difficult finding a restaurant we could both agree, but we ate at some great places, a different country every night, Asian Fusion, Chinese, Italian and good ole’ American.

The weather was great but so cold, I really appreciate the warmer weather in North Carolina.  The wind between the buildings was too much for me to handle.  I took a picture of Angela and the only thing I could see on her was her eyes.  Enough of that, too cold.

Started missing the family and wanted to come home to the work, the pets, email and work.  The things I wanted to get away from.  Oh, well!  Had a great time!

Brenda Priest

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